Northern Rivers Networking Events

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We invite you to join us at a casual networking event.  Join us over a coffee or cocktail, juice or water with like minded people. We encourage natural networking over conversation. You are in gold company.

untitled design (7)Our organic networking events are free. All you need is you and we are here to support you as a community.

Introduce yourself and your business and the solution your business provides through your product or service. Let us know what’s been working and where you need support. Connect with others and those you feel drawn to, perhaps you can offer assistance in an area of your expertise or perhaps someone is the person to support you. untitled design (9)

We offer the gathering space to connect, collaborate in our community. We are growing a diverse network based on shared interests of business, entrepreneurship and living in the Northern Rivers.

We support local businesses by using venues around the region. If you would like a gathering in your local area let us know as we  will do our best to accommodate you.

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